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The Company has always been a trend setter for quality and quantity (Q&Q) production for Cast Iron manhole cover under the brand name-RISHI which is widely regarded as best choice throughout India and African continent.

The company has its installed capacity for production for 600MTper month. We have coal fired “cupola” furnace of diameter 32” and 12 molding lines and Every step in manufacturing is followed as per the standards set by the company.

The Company offers wide range of manhole covers from 1.5kg to 200 kg in Cast Iron and Ductile Iron material.

The salient features of our cast iron casting process are:

  •   Use of special grade pig iron with high silicon content
  •   Use of special grade cast iron scrape that is collected from a ship-breaking yard
  •   Installation of instant ferro labs at each furnace to (a) monitor content of carbon, silicon, and manganese, in the metal and (b) measure its temperature and tensile strength.

Rishi cast product range :-

  1.   Cast Iron(CI) Manhole Covers
    1.   Square and Rectangle manhole cover set (From list)
    2.   Round manhole cover set
    3.   Parking area manhole cover
  2.   Cast Iron Gratings-Jali(From List)
  3.   Cast Iron Brackets
    1.   Wall hung bracket
    2.   Oval bracket
    3.   Chair bracket-Light duty/Heavy duty
    4.   Cascade(WC)-Light duty/Medium duty/Heavy duty
    5.   Cascade Adjustable-Light duty/Heavy duty
    6.   Cascade cantilever
    7.   Large urinal bracket(3pcs)
    8.   Large urinal bracket(2pcs)
    9.   Sink bracket
    10.   T-type bracket-10”/12”/15”
  4.   Column pipe accessories- Cast Iron Adaptors(From List)
  5.   Garage Grating (jail) (From List)
  6.   Cast iron - Foot step (From List)

Cast Iron Products

Cantilever Brackets

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Cascade Chair

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C.I. Grating

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