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Light Duty Products

Rishi Cast Pvt Ltd(RCPL) manufactures and exports S.G.Iron /Ductile Iron light duty products using Sand and Shell moulding methods .Instead company holds monopoly in manufacturing light weight Manhole Cover’s (of thickness 3mm), light weight automobile and engineering items having infrastructure solely focused in creating the highest quality castings available with reduced weight having the same durability and use with ductile iron and thereby overcoming the problem of breakage in Cast Iron, saving design time and development costs, and still provide quick turn-around time.

Heavy Duty Products

A separate and specialized manufacturing unit for casting HEAVY DUTY Ductile Iron/S.G. Iron(ALL GRADES). Company has the capacity to produce 15,000 tonnes of castings per year. Plasma offers wide range of casting of weight 0.5 Kg. to 2 Tonnes.

Plasma Alloys Pvt. Ltd. (Group Company of Rishi Cast Pvt. Ltd) is an ISO 9001:2000,ISO 14001 & ISO 18001,OHSAS18001 and 14001, D&B,BS EN124:1994 KM(Kitemark):574061 certified company.

Plasma Alloys is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Manhole covers, machined Ductile Iron (S.G. Iron) Engineering Components including parts of Valves and Pumps Industry, Electric Motor-Body Parts Casting, Automobile Industry Casting like Heavy vehicle brake parts, Companion Flange, End Yokes, Flange Yokes, Crank Shafts, Engine mounting brackets, Railway Parts, pipe joints, Farm Implement parts, Construction Equipment Components.

Rishi cast product range :-

  1.   Ductile Iron Manhole covers as per Indian Standards
    1.   Square and Rectangle manhole cover set (From list)
    2.   Round manhole cover set
    3.   Parking area manhole cover
  2.   Ductile Iron Manhole Cover as per British Standards(BS EN124)-(From PAPL new product list)
  3.   Ductile Iron Gratings-Jali, as per Indian Standards (From List)
  4.   Ductile Iron Gratings as per British standard(From PAPL new product list)
  5.   Ductile Iron Brackets
    1.   Wall hung bracket
    2.   Oval bracket
    3.   Chair bracket-Light duty/Heavy duty
    4.   Cascade(WC)-Light duty/Medium duty/Heavy duty
    5.   Cascade Adjustable-Light duty/Heavy duty
    6.   Cascade cantilever
    7.   Large urinal bracket(3pcs)
    8.   Large urinal bracket(2pcs)
    9.   Sink bracket
    10.   T-type bracket-10”/12”/15”
  6.   Column pipe accessories- Ductile Iron Adaptors(From List)
  7.   Garage Grating (jail) (From List)
  8.   Ductile iron - Foot step (From List)

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